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Chaitra Navratri

What s so marvelous about school life

Posted by : GharPeShiksha on | Oct 31,2019

What s so marvelous about school life

The first step towards a brighter life

School is our second home, isn't it? How iconic is the scenario, on the first day we cry and do not want to go to school and on the last day we cry again but not to leave this place of utter joy? School is the place where our stories began and we move our first step towards a  brighter future. It is the first stepping stone for the progress of our lives. school is not only important for building careers but to show us the path for our passion. School is the first door for a sound future. Here it is! where all the magic begins, ‘'First ride for our desired destination''.

Principles or values learned from school life

 How can we forget the sharing of our lunch boxes with our friends ! the most basic value that today's world is forgetting ‘sharing' for those who have forgotten, take a moment and try to remember  ‘sharing is caring'. It is the first moral value earned by a student in school life. discipline is also one of the most crucial aspects that we gain in school life, the way to wear the school uniform, the uniformity in school, standing in lines, learning how to talk to your seniors and your elders and much more, discipline will always begin from home and the practice begins in school. other qualities such as honesty, hard work, cooperation, kindness, sense of responsibility and more importantly forgiveness they receive from their teachers for their wrongs or forgiving their friends. , the most important moral value needed in today's life. these morals and principles earned are salient features of a student that he apprehends in his school life.


Finding your passion

Finding the purpose or goal of your life, school aids to boost the career of the little pupils. Whatever it may be sports such as cricket, football, hockey, swimming, etc all doors are open and even theatre, cinematography, designing all ways to find your interest .obviously subjects like mathematics, science, English, etc are the main interest of students at school. Every activity is done in school increases confidence and it hits in the student's mind whether this thing did interest him or not. Some develop leadership qualities, some get engaged with activities with nature, some flaunt their musical skills. School is a room where you become aware of your talent and schools also help in developing and enhancing that talent into a professional and skilled one. The pre-eminent place to discover your talent is in at school.

 Memories and Lessons

How can one forget those beautiful days in school, that laughter even those scoldings by our dearest teachers, getting corrected for our every mistake and learning not to repeat it. Those bundles of souvenirs we carry in our school life are the most tremendous part of our lives. Morals we learned, the subjects we went through and what about those functions, annual days, teacher's day and at each festival those plays and songs, the moments we cherish in our school lives. Each day made us learn new things, for the indisciplined ones they learned discipline by some strict measures. Late submissions of assignments and notebooks made us more careful today, every aspect of life was taught at the school. It is the last day that recaptures all our moments and feelings attached to the school and tells us how extraordinary it was all these years with no worries just moments of happiness and joy.

 Boost and Guide for your career

 The school enables to choose our career and provides us different streams according to our interest and ability. It gives us a boost to a brighter future and lends a hand in nourishing it. Mostly we realize what we want to do or become, it is the platform which aids in realizing and then progressing our beliefs and interests. Schools guide you towards your destination and make sure that you have the base prepared for it. Providing ample knowledge and details for the line you want to pursue and setting the base for it. ‘School is where your journey begins and there are guides in it to show the right path'.