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Step to step guide to create a perfect recipe with fresh pineapple

Posted by : Ravi on | Dec 30,2017

Step to step guide to create a perfect recipe with fresh pineapple

Recipe with fruits always gives you the privilege to do something innovative with it. These are the best part of the recipe as it brings lots of health benefits too moreover we can do some extra effort either by decorating our recipe with fruits topping or make it designer through the tiny ball of fruits.

Though it is rare, you might be fond of chocolate or cheesecake but having something new always provide us a new experience and fill our heart with new appetite. Beside this if you are fond of other creamy and crunchy chocolate then having a pineapple with whipped cream will surely make you delighted with it. It won’t only satiate the hunger of your palate rather give you numerous benefits as mentioned below-:

·         A pineapple has vitamin c, which promotes the good eye health and makes your eye sharp and beautiful.

·         Some of us easily get captured with eye disease, so having a pineapple may protect them from such thing.

·         Due to pulpy and fibrous content, it is also considered a good source of antioxidant. 

·         This fibrous content makes our digestion smoother.

·         Do you easily get affected by a contagious disease like cold, cough and flue? Then this is the best medicine for curing all disease. 

·         Its vitamin c properties protect throat and nose infection and make it comfortable, it keeps all contagious disease far from you. So start to have a pineapple juice or add the flavour to your recipe. You may even find the scrumptious pineapple cake by online cake delivery in Delhi midnight and try at home-:

Pineapple cake recipe ingredient details-:

·         2 cups of purpose flour

·         2 cups of powder sugar

·         4 eggs

·         1 cup almond milk

·         2 tsp. Baking soda

·         vanilla extract as required

·         2 tsp. olive oil

·         500-gram pineapple slices with pineapple pulp

·         Pinch of salt

·         200-gram cream cheese

·         1 cup melted butter

·         10 cup icing sugar

Method to prepare a cake

Though collecting all ingredient for cake may seem you hard but the essential aspect of it is baking. Don’t just mix and put in the microwave. For baking also you need to use right proportion of ingredient and at the right time.

Either you are baking a simple cake or cake for occasion all these need an extra care and attention, so now if you want instant cake delivery in Mumbaior want to bake at home, get the right assistance with It provides you step to step guide to preparing a cake.


·         Initially, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

·         Grease pan with oil and use a bowl by adding flour, baking powder, salt and make a fine paste.

·         Use another bowl of vanilla extract with milk and oil.

·         Now mix the sugar and melted butter until getting smoother.

·         Now start to add the egg step by step.

·         Now add the dried mixture with liquid one and make a smooth paste until get mixed properly.

·         Shift the mixture to the pan, now bake it for 30 minutes.

·         Let it get cooler in a pan when baking gets finished.

Frosting g preparation for pineapple

Though baking a cake may seem you hard but the frosting is too easier and everyone can do it quickly with the help of a mixer. Now make a delectable frosting pineapple cake delivery in Dehradun midnight or else make an easy frosting as shared below-:

·         Add the butter with cream cheese.

·         Add the desired amount of vanilla to it.


·         Now put in the fridge once get chilled add-on cake and enjoy with chilled icy and pulpy juicy of pineapple.