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ORS Redefines Waste to Energy concept in India

Posted by : Shyam Gaud on | Feb 25,2015

ORS Redefines Waste to Energy concept in India

ORS Redefines Waste to Energy concept in India


ü  Successfully implements DRYADTM technology to generate Megawatts from Waste

ü  Offers greener solution for large and small (source recycling) projects


Organic Recycling System Pvt. Ltd (ORS), a technology company, has successfully commercialised the model of recycling waste to generate electricity and other materials for high revenue and returns. One of its kind non-thermal process namely DRYAD, patented to efficiently handle Indian waste by ORS, is a made in India solution for “waste to Energy (WTE)” creating a milestone in the area of renewable energy. ORS successfully utilises anaerobic digestion technology to generate 1 mega watt power with every 100 tons of waste recycled. The company is currently processing waste at their project based out of Sholapur (400 TPD) generating and supplying electricity to the respective state grid and selling quality compost to fertiliser plants. Soon ORS shall be commissioning Pune (750 TPD) and Bangalore (1000 TPD) projects.


Urban lifestyle has given birth to humungous quantities of waste per city. It is been observed on daily basis, urban India generates 188,500 tonnes of MSW - 68.8 million tones per year and expected to grow at 1.3% per capita p.a. - and waste generation increases by 50% every decade. Some of this waste will be recovered by informal recyclers - 20% in large cities and less in smaller cities. However, more than 80% reaches open dumpsites where it causes damaging public health, deteriorating the environment, and causes climate change. The most viable alternate is ORS DRYAD Waste to Energy in India as this not only reduces the dump sizes drastically but also contributes to easing the current energy shortfall in the country.

ORS converts waste into electricity and have introduced leading innovative technologies suitable in Indian environment. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) contains organic as well as inorganic matter. The latent energy present in its organic fraction can be recovered for gainful utilization through adoption of suitable Waste Processing and Treatment Technologies. The process is based on enzymatic decomposition of organic matter by microbial action to produce methane gas, and alcohol etc. It is a preferred method for wastes having high percentage of organic, bio-degradable (putrescible) matter and high level of moisture/ water content, which aids microbial activity and suits perfectly to Indian waste.


Speaking on the WTE, Mr. Suhas Bhand, Founder and Chairman ORS said, ORS has its focus on acquiring, adapting and developing`Green Technologies` so as to deploy them to provide sustainable urban waste management solutions while leveraging Information Technology in all stages of the project life cycle right from conceptualisation to post project delivery, with conformance to Total Quality Management (TQM) standards.”


He further adds that the failures of various technologies in this sector in India was a big challenge but today ORS is capable to manage, process and provide continuos saleable power and quality compost to be marketed by fertiliser plants.


ORS is a revolutionary company in the field of organic waste processing and treatment in India ( With a focus on ‘Waste to Energymodel, ORS provides products, services and solutions for efficient waste management. ORS was founded by Mr. Suhas Bhand a Pioneer of “Waste to Energy” concept in India and a noted Expert and a Technical Advisor in Urban Infrastructure and Environment with 30 years of rich experience in both Government as well as Private Sector. 

 “A lot has been spoken about waste management and renewable energy today, both the topics addresses environmental concerns to a large extent. Our technology has created a bridge between the two; we not only recycle waste but also generate electricity from it. We are currently operating out of Sholapur and soon from Pune and Bangalore and are looking at many more opportunities to take it further across the country.” Mr. Bhand further added 


ORS today is also involved in process design & development, fundamental research, customised & solutions. It also takes contract for Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) installations, turnkey installations. ORS has a dedicated R&D centre (Five elements environment ventures -, engaged in research activities, feasibility & application studies, laboratory testing & pilot validations. 


ORS has also developed unique product line under the brand name YASASU Green to manage smaller waste quantities for decentralised solutions. This plug and play containerised models are easy applications for 500 kg per day to 2 TPD mixed waste providing gas and also electricity if required along with organic compost. 


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