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How to choose a good fertility clinic

Posted by : Abhishek Dixit on | Nov 06,2019

How to choose a good fertility clinic

You have to take your time and research properly to find a good fertility clinic. Don’t just choose any mother and childcare clinic, instead try to find out the best place which has a good reputation and is within your financial means. Of course, it is all too subjective, but there are certain pointers which you must keep in mind, to make sure that you select the best facility.

1.     How long has the clinic been operating?

One of the most important factors to keep in mind, while looking for the best pregnancy doctor in Delhi, is to find out which hospital they are affiliated with. Once that has been determined, the next thing which you need to keep in mind is, how long has the facility been around. Older clinics have a better reputation, they also have better and experienced staff. This way it will be likely that the procedures you undergo will work smoothly.

2.     Always digest the success rates with a pinch of salt

While most of the fertility clinics will claim excellent results, you will have to do some research to find out how much truth is in there. On visiting, the clinic should be able to list both IUI as well as IVF success rates. Always pay attention to live birth rates.

3.     Location does not matter all that much

One of the most important factors to point out here is that while it is always good to have your doctor’s dispensary close to your house. It is ok, to travel a  little further if you happen to find an excellent doctor who can yield good results. You should not hesitate in going that extra distance to find a good doctor of your choice.

4.     Analyze your consultation

This is something only you can do. Once you have zeroed down on the fertility clinic of your choice, the next thing should be to go to the doctor with critical mindset. See if the staff is welcoming, do they see the patient on all days of the week, what are the services that they provide with, what are the financial options, etc. See if you re fully satisfied with the doctor and the clinic, before settling for the option.

5.     Always trust your instincts

See what kind of vibes do you get from the clinic, do you enjoy your visits there, are you comfortable with the staff as well as the doctor, all these factors need to be noticed so that you are happy with the overall services you receive and the motive of your visit is fulfilled.

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