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Best anti aging home remedies for skin

Posted by : Medylife on | Jul 18,2015

Ageing is an inevitable process. Advances in science have not yet been able to discover ways to control the signs of ageing. However, certain lifestyle modifications can help you in the process of delaying the biological clock. Here are a few tips which will keep you fit and fine and slow down the ageing process.   1. Eat less, feel better:   As soon as you skip your diet, your body generates comparatively lesser free radicals, which are also known as cell-damaging oxygen molecules. These chemicals are known to be the main factors that accelerate ageing. Chop off extra calories from your diet chart to combat ageing easily.   2. Say no to white sugar:   In order to cut down your total calorie consumption, avoid snacks, soda or baked goods. This will inevitably increase your energy manifold. In case you are craving for sweets, quench your thirst from natural sources, such as honey, fresh fruits, real maple syrup in moderation, and use other commendable spices (i.e., cinnamon) to treat your taste buds.   3. Stay hydrated throughout the day:   Water plays many roles in keeping you healthy. Simple water will prevent dry skin, wrinkles and ensure that hair, skin and nails remain soft and supple for a long time. Sip water ( 8-10 glasses daily), herbal tea etc to regularly flush out stressful, age causing toxins.    4. Take antioxidants and balance your appetite:   Take antioxidants every day in the form of vegetable juice or wheat grass juice or by taking an antioxidant vitamin supplement can make you look and feel young for a long time. In case you feel hungry, you can start consuming raw soothing vegetables like cucumber, radish etc or fruits like orange, watermelon etc.    5. Kick the butt and cut down junk food:   Avoid tobacco, reduce alcohol and fried sugar and flour-based items. These products are denatured (robbed of natural vitamins) and trigger production of free radicals in the body which precipitate the ageing process.    6. Exercise regularly to improve your metabolism and burn calories:
Being underweight is just as problematic as being overweight! Achieving your ideal body weight is absolutely mandatory, so as to ensure an overall good health! Consult with your health physician, and indulge in intense physical activities, so as to maintain a balanced heart rate and health. Practise yoga, swimming or at least walking for 30-60 minutes a day; and you will be amazed to see how your age will walk backwards.

7. Eat fresh, high fibre food to ensure ample carbohydrates:   Consider high fibre food items such as, green fleshy vegetables, whole grains, citrus fruits, brown rice, pulses like rajma, channa, whole wheat; etc.    8. Focus on the positive aspects of life:   Spend more time with people you enjoy being with and glance towards the positive aspects of life. You will not age; at least feel young for a much longer time.    9. Select the right cooking medium, to filter excess oil!   Olive oil is most beneficial for your health. Oils extracted from till and mustard seeds also have health-promoting properties.    10. Get your beauty sleep:
   Research has shown that if you sleep less than six hours a night, you are at far greater risk of having a heart attack or experiencing a stroke. Eight hours of sleep each night is important for your current physical health, as well as your mood and your longevity.    So in a nutshell, eat well, exercise your body and mind regularly, maintain a positive attitude and you will see things changing around you for good.