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Tips To Follow When You Choose A Car Rental Service In Delhi

Posted by : Rahul Sharma on | Jun 18,2014

Over the last few years, car rental has become a pivotal part of Delhi’s transportation system. Renting a car offers safety, reliability and better comfort level than your regular public transportation system such as a bus or metro. But before you choose a car rental service in Delhi, make sure that you follow these tips-

Know Your Requirements

The transportation system in Delhi has revolutionized in the past decade. You no longer need to stand at a stop waiting for car to vroom by. In fact, you don’t even have to travel in regular black and yellow four wheelers, when you can travel in sedans and comfortable hatchbacks. Before you decide to choose a company, make sure that you know the purpose of your travel. For instance, whether you need point to point services within the city, need to visit a destination at NCR or require a pick up or drop to or from the airport. Accordingly, you can choose a company that offers similar kinds of services. It is recommended that a car hire company that offers all these services must be preferred over others, simply because it provides you a one-stop solution for all needs.

Use Search Engines

Search Engines have a plethora of information regarding renting a car in any city. Make sure that you use it for your benefit. For instance, search for local and popular companies in the area and compare them for their range of cars, prices and timings. Accordingly, select at least three companies. Read testimonials, if required and prefer a company that has its dedicated website with pictures of cars and information regarding services and drivers.


Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

You are going to pay money for the service you are hiring. So, make sure that you ask questions. Enquire about their rates, if the rates and reservations section isn’t clear on the website. Or else, ask questions regarding their work timings. Although, most of the companies work 24X7, it is safer to ask it beforehand, especially if you plan on coming or going to the airport. Therefore, the next time you need a car rental service for a ride home from the pub, you won’t have to worry.


Suppose your flight is slated to depart in another two hours and your car rental company hasn’t sent a driver to your door even after half an hour of fixed time. Won’t you feel anxious and grilled? Well, you wouldn’t need to panic if you research prior to selecting a car hire service. Ask around your friends, read testimonials or enquire beforehand about the time taken by a driver to reach the required point. Any rental company, that directly mentions maximum time taken to reach and has a GPS installed in their cars tends to be more punctual and reliable in the long run.

Security Measures

Whether you are a solitary traveler or a female, security should be the prime focus when traveling in a Car. With rising crime rates, you cannot take your safety for granted. So, make sure that the company you have chosen takes ample security measures, performs a background check on their drivers and has better communication systems with a proper fare meter to ensure that you are safe and won’t be charged exorbitant amounts for traveling.

Remember, the cheapest car rental service isn't always the best service to opt for. Look for a car rental company that’s reliable and punctual, with drivers who have information regarding routes and lanes in Delhi to ensure that you are never late and always safe. Choose a sedan or hatchback based on your needs.

Carzonrent has become a synonym of quality and comfort when it comes to talk about book a cab and car rental at affordable prices. It has been nominated for the 2013 World Travel Awards for its outstanding performance and services in ground transportation with Young, well-maintained car fleet laced up with GPS devices for extra safety.



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